Saturday, April 9, 2011

Your Donation Is A Way To Love Yourself

In our hearts, we expose the truth in how we give and where we give, and God speaks to us accordingly.  God is aware of how you are giving.  Mother Earth and Father Sky are aware of how you are giving as well, and they too, speak to you accordingly.  When you live in your heart, you understand that the Earth is related to your body.  You also understand that a body needs what it needs, or it will break down.  In this church, we pay attention to the body of the Earth, and we work toward body wellness in every way.  In giving to the church by giving to Friends of the Sacred Garden Love and Light Church, you are rewarded in ways greater than you can imagine.  It is a bank account for yourself, your children, and your children's children, and dividends often come from the church meetings themselves.  Giving to the Friends of the Sacred Garden Love and Light Church is a way to honor God's creation.  In the same sense, your donation to the Creator through giving to the Friends of the Sacred Garden Love and Light Church is your investment into your soul bank.  That soul bank account comes back to you when, and how you need it, through the act of prayer.  The Creator is very good at paying interest!  Send your donation to: Rev. Bethany Dalton-Kash, General Delivery, Angels Camp CA  95222.  Thank you for supporting the church!

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