Saturday, April 16, 2011

Working the Soil - A Couple's Relationship Workshop

Couples sometimes find themselves in places where their relationship is nonproductive, fallow, arid, soggy, toxic, or nonabundant.  As the couple begins to realize the need to "build new ground" for their relationship together, they can 1) overlook that situation, 2) build it in new unproductive ways, or 3) do the right and healthy things to give foundation to a living relationship system that builds abundance, fertility, and health between them.  Each couple is unique, therefore, like plants that are unique, that couple requires the exact and perfect mix of soil foundation ingredients.  What those ingredients are, will be learned in this life changing and informative workshop.  The soil is the part of God's creation where all abundance, fertility and relationships are nurtured and fed.  Without understanding how healthy soil building and maintenance works, we will not understand God's plan for building your own 'garden' and 'creations' in your relationship.  Let God show you how!  In this hands on garden workshop, respecting God's ways, we will learn the principles to building a healthful soil, new ground system in relationship, that will nurture years of understanding and pleasure in your marriage.

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