Sunday, April 10, 2011

Journey To Sacred Garden - A Pilgrimage

Each of us enjoy community, and connection to others and feel refreshed by meeting here, but for those who need and want to save gas, there is a way to connect with us:

1)  Take yourself outside in nature (Don't do this inside, or it won't work.  Our Guidance insists that it be outdoors.)

2)  Pray that you are connecting to Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church original location, and getting an alignment to the energy there, now, in this space and time.

3)  Speak to God in your heart.  Just 'sit in your heart' and pray to God.  At this time you may also send love and blessings to other members of Friends of the Sacred Garden Love and Light Church from your heart. (Please keep it positive!  No fear, anger, or negative thinking.  To illustrate this point, most major disasters that have affected the quality of life on Earth have happened near Earth Day when many are angry or negative about how things are going for Mother Earth and making plans for Earth Day.  ie. the Gulf Oil Spill, the Japan Tsunami, etc.  Remember to stay positive about how you dream.  You are creating how the world will be by how you think.  Love and Light is always best, and helps us build a positive world, by dreaming positively.)

4)  Wait for the energy shift, by sitting quietly and listening to nature.  You may begin to feel sensations such as tingling, heat, energy, radiance, calm or emotions such as love, togetherness, harmony, kindness, or you may get an understanding or knowing, or you may get nothing at all right away, but later and through the day feel changes in your dreams or awakening consciousness. You also may begin to get intuitive messages about caring for the Earth or the garden you are in, or ways to care for your health sustainably.

5)  Mail a donation to Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church at:

Rev. Bethany Dalton-Kash
General Delivery
Angels Camp CA 95222 
Thank you for supporting this church of Love and Light!

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