Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love is The Answer to A Whole New World

There’s a whole new world Coming to you
Just be present That’s all you’ve got to do
You don’t have to qualify There’s nothing to pay
You just have to want it Think it and say

It’s whole new world
A whole new world
Wide and wild as creation
It’s a whole new world

There’s a whole new world A brand new start
The place it begins is Right down in your heart
There’s no danger Nothing to lose
You just have to want it You just have to choose

It’s a world where new possibilities abound
You stand in the sunlight on solid ground
There’s no separation, no us or them
Only a divine perfection-connection gem

There’s a whole new world Waiting to be found
Just go inside your heart And take a look around
You’ll know you’re there When you feel peace
And all those little voices Well they just cease

From Alex Kash's CD, WholeNew World
©Alex Kash, Emotive Music, BMI

Lyrics ©Alex Kash. Published by Emotive Music B.M.I. All rights reserved.

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