Saturday, August 20, 2011

In This Little Segment We Will Discuss The Dollar

To find where we are in the Country (United States), we must seek council, and I am seeking Council of the Creator God to tell us what is wrong with our current economic system?  I trust in God, so I am asking this question, about the economic system of the dollar.

"It is not today that you should have asked yourself this question, Bethany, but it is today that you are asking it here.  We thank you, as do all the Creator's Angels when they are asked important questions.  The gift of Light is upon the Earth, and you are one.  In the magnificence of creation, there are choices, symbols and statements which apply their force to the final outcome.  In doing so, it is said that the Creator exists.  We complex Beings cannot answer for one.  We cannot answer, for example why 'you' specifically would have this, but we will try to answer the question.  There is an economic system that is forcing upon people the will of the people, while saying it is trusting in God.  In so doing, as long as that economic system follows the plan of God, it can survive.  God has said, let them work it out, and find out what it means to have a dollar such as this.  The economic system can survive as long as God wills it.   When God is done with it, it is done, and in that 'you' can trust."

Q.  Will this US economic system survive?


Q  Will the dollar survive?

"Only minutely"

An Angel of Light is speaking:

"You who are one with Creation know that you must speak for yourself now, and answer what is the will of Creation.  You are one with it, so you have influence.  You must say your truth, and speak it clearly.  As you do, you will enact the passage through which you are transitioning.  You will go where you need to go, and do what you need to do.  The Will of God is upon you, and you must speak what you will do, and where you will be.  In answering this, you will say to God, "I am" and in saying "I am" you recognize your creation just as all of Creation will.  Walk the path of love, and you shall do your best.  In witnessing what is happening around you, you will see how love works it's magic.  Invest in the Creator's love, and you shall have love, invest in the Creator's monetary system, and you shall have money, invest in the Creator's food, and you shall have food, invest in the Creator's home, and you shall have a home."  Your bank accounts in these things are where you put them.  Invest!  Ask, what is of the Creator, and you will be shown.  The Creator will direct you in your heart.  "In the heart of Creation, you are one with all answers.  Seek the will of God by asking God.  Seek the heart of God by asking God.  Seek the truth of God by asking God.  Seek the forms and the wherefores and the whys by asking yourself and seek God's approval by asking God.  In this, you will see yourself, and you will see God.  Trust in the heart of Creation, as it will respond to yours.  Thank you, Bethany, for asking these questions.  We are always happy to be of Service."

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