Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doctrine of Our Church

Many people wonder about a Church's doctrine, and devotees often spend a lifetime exploring it.  The Doctrine of our church is that the Creator is running it through the Creator's Divine Love and Light.  Though there are many principles that will be laid down by the Creator as time goes on, they will continue to evolve, change or grow according to the refinement of our Guidance from the Creator.  In this way, the church may grow at a quantum level, or poke along as one of the slowest seeds in the Creator's forest.  The Creator knows what is needed, and how it must evolve.  In the meantime, the current doctrine will be upheld until a growth period is understood.  Following the Doctrine of Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church is best done through the chakras, where devotees are to align with the Creator's Love and Light, through prayer and intent, and listening to the messages of the sermons by the Light Reverends of the Church.  The Light Reverends of the Church in giving a sermon, are aligned by the Creator to run the church, (through the initiation within the Church of the title Light Reverend) and are monitored by the Creator.  The understanding of the current Church doctrine by the Light Reverends is the final word in Church doctrine, and is continually monitored by the Creator's Love and Light.  The Friends of the Sacred Garden Love and Light Church is a new religion, which is not a part of any denomination, though respect of other denominations and religions is a part of our Doctrine, in that we feel that God guides or monitors all churches on some level.

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