Friday, August 26, 2011


"Longing for the heart is not the same as being in the heart.  Wealth comes when we recognize the truth of our souls.  Each soul has a meaning, a purpose for abundance.  Each soul contains 'the message' on one level or another.  Each soul is united to the One Soul, and acts according to it's inheritance.  You can see this in people's eyes, that their truth belongs somewhere, and that somewhere is a part of the whole.  You can understand this by seeing in yourself the wishes and dreams inside yourself, or the lack of them.  When dreams are there, it means you are realizing your truth; when dreams have disappeared, it means you have gotten off what you know is the right thing.  Return to what you know is the right thing, and your dreams will be revived.  Trusting a dream is to trust your soul, and to trust your soul means that your path with God is One.  Live truth in the moment, and know that those who falsify your world will be paying the price of living within falsity.  Relinquish the desire to inherit that which is false, and move toward that which has truth in your heart."

The Beings of Love and Light

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