Thursday, December 1, 2011

Services, Events, Classes and Workshops for December 2011

Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church

December 3, 3:30pm
December 4, 8pm
December 9, 8pm
December 11, 7pm
December 17, 3:30pm
December 21, 6:30pm Church Holiday Event and Service:  Day of Honoring all Things Living
December 22, 8pm Healing Service (This is a special service for healing purposes)
December 23, 8pm
December 25, 7pm Special Christmas Service and Concert

Classes and Workshops:

Awakening Consciousness Within The Church,  December 1, 7:30pm

Quantum Theory and Breakthroughs of Science as They Relate To You Spiritually, December 3, 6:30pm

In The Light of God Workshop, December 3, 8pm

Christ Light and Love Workshop, December 10, 6:30pm

Heartwork Couples Workshop, December 7, 6:30pm

Water and the Garden Class, December 4, 3:30pm

Herbs Class, December 6, 3:30pm

Plant Cuttings and Seeds Class, December 15, 3:30pm

Composting and Soil Class, December 19, 3:30pm

Food Gardening in Florida Class, December 22, 3:30pm

LLL Movement Excercise Class, December 2, 7pm

Making Do:  The Creative Use of Recycling Workshop and Training, December 5, 5:30pm

Your Body is a Temple:  Spiritual Relationships to What You Eat, December 14, 6pm

Licking the Habit of Cosmic Downtime, December 13, 7pm

Trust and the Consciousness of Choice Workshop, December 20, 7pm

Individual, Family, and Group Consultations with Light Reverend Bethany Dalton Kash
are available through appointment


Alex Kash Concert, December 18, 7:30pm

Call 561-582-9103 or contact this post to register

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