Saturday, December 31, 2011

Church Services and Events For The Month of January 2012


Friends of The Sacred Garden Love and Light Church

Church Services:
January 1, 7pm
January 6, 7pm
January 8, 7pm
January 13, 8pm
January 15, 7:30pm
January 22, 7:30pm
January 27, 7pm
January28, 7pm Healing Service (This is a special service for healing purposes)
January 29, 7pm

Classes and Workshops:
Plant Propagaton Class, January 5, 3:30pm

Love as a Life Skill Workshop, January 12, 8pm

LLL Movement Excercise and Dance Class, January 2, 7pm

Restore Your Health Workshop, January 3, 7pm

Conscious Awakening - Learning the Roles of Consciousness Class, January 4, 7pm

The Blessing of Christ in Our Heartwork Workshop, January 9, 7pm

Trusting The Sacred, January 10, 7pm

Awareness of Financial Health as it Relates to Spiritual Truth, January 11, 8pm

Love as a Life Skill, January 12, 8pm

Walking the Spiritual Path Discussion and Class, January 16, 7pm

Making the Commitment Toward Health, January 17, 7pm

Spiritual Relationships to Sound, January 18, 8pm

Toning the Body Naturally, January 19, 7pm

Goal Setting Check in - How's Your Year Going So Far? (Discussion Group), January 23, 7pm

Fine-tuning Inner Balance, January 24, 7pm

Living Relationships to The Directions of The Earth, January 25, 7pm

Shopping With Sustainability in Mind, January 26, 7:30pm

Goal Setting Check in - Revisioning Your Goals For 2012 (Discussion Group), January 30, 7pm

Alignment With Conscious Awareness Meditation Class, January 31, 7pm

Individual, Family, and Group Consultations with Light Reverend Bethany Dalton Kash
are available through appointment

Yard Sale and Plant Sale, January 7, 10am-4pm

Concert in the Garden, January 20, 8pm

Hot Tea From The Garden, January 21, 4:30pm

To attend any of the services, classes, and events listed above, call 561-582-9103.  The Church is open to the public.

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